Environment is really important for us therefore we have decided to apply sustainable practices that we can translate into budgetary savings for productions. With adequate preparation during pre-production, green shootings is not only effective, but cost efficient.








Sending documents digitally is encouraged to avoid printing on paper.

Paper distribution is essentially eliminated.

Department heads used electronic devices.

When the use of printing is absolutely necessary, vegetable ink and recycled paper are used.

Using of single use bottle of water o bags is essentially eliminated.

Reusable or recyclable bottles will be distributed to the team.

Renting hybrid or fuel efficient vehicles.

The use biodiesel or other alternative fuels lower carbon emissions are encouraged.

Construction and filming areas should be limited to existing access roads, pathways, driveways, or trails.

Do not disturb existing flora or fauna and only use non-invasive species when bringing in outside plants.

Reinstate any land or vegetation that has been damaged or affected because of production activities.






Choosing those caterer to supply local fair trade and sustainable options with less meat and more veg.


Placing sufficient waste and recycling bins are placed frequently and conveniently: Staging area close to camera, craft service tables, base camp.

Disposing  properly and take food scraps home to your compost heap.